Simple Sprinkler System Maintenance

HOA common areas use sprinkler systems. These break over time. We need residents who are willing to help identify issues and to make only simple repairs.

  • Problem identification: this involves regularly turning the system on and ensuring each sprinkler zone is watering properly. Any problems are logged.

  • Simple maintenance: the most common problem with sprinkler systems are the sprinkler heads. These are sometimes damaged by lawn mowing, by freezing temperatures, or by normal wear and tear. A volunteer can replace sprinkler heads as necessary. We can do this 400% cheaper if we buy the sprinkler heads at Lowes or Home Depot and replace them ourselves. Sprinkler head replacement is as easy as screwing in a light bulb. The old sprinkler head is screwed out and the new sprinkler head is screwed in. Several videos exist online demonstrating how easy this is. This alone can save us significant amounts in unnecessary contracting expenses. Note: anything beyond “simple” maintenance will be contracted. For example, a broken pipe, electrical issues, or leaks will be contracted as these require more expertise.

  • Winterization: Sprinkler systems break during freezes because water expands when it freezes, cracking plastic pipes. We can avoid significant repair costs just by “turning off” the system every time a freeze occurs suddenly.

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