Description of Work

  • Clear brush, plants, vines, junk, branches, vegetation.
  • Subject is an easement adjacent 2224 Oak Place, Schertz, TX 78154.
  • Leave only trees and grass. Grass should be trimmed to normal trimmed grass level.
  • Do not cover dirt if grass is gone.
  • All trash, branches, vegetation, etc. will be hauled off and disposed of by contractor.
  • Area is approximately 560 ft. x 22 ft. (~0.27 acres).
  • Job must be completed within 2 weeks of beginning date.


  • Contractor is responsible for self-insurance in the case of damage to HOA or homeowner property.
  • Contractor agrees to hold harmless HOA for any injuries or harm to contractor personnel or equipment.
  • All operations must be compliant with the requirements of the State of Texas and the City of Schertz.
  • Contractor is solely responsible for any fines, fees, taxes incurred on the job.

Contractor Bidder Form