HOA Website Social Media Moderators

Generally all HOA social media is an “anti-censorship” platform. But, there are a few laws that prevent posting of certain things which must be moderated. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sale and trafficking of illegal goods such as drugs.

  • Interactions of a sexual nature, particularly involving children and minors. Posting sexually explicit pictures.

  • Coordination of illegal activities.

  • Human trafficking.

  • Anything that makes the HOA legally liable (e.g. residents who represent themselves as the HOA while slandering a third party without clearly stating there are stating their own opinions and not that of the HOA).

  • Making violent threats.

  • Spillage of sensitive personal information such as non-public phone numbers, email addresses, financial information, private medical issues, private homeowner to HOA communications (and vice-versa), etc.

This position is not to be used to moderate political speech, personal opinion, non-mainstream information, or otherwise simply offensive materials.

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