Landscaping Bid June 2023

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Cambio des de 2023-06-22.

Download the FULL TASK DESCRIPTION (changed 2023-06-22)

Description of Work


2023-07-03 Clarifications

  • Contract is a MINIMUM of 1 year.  We are looking for a long term relationship that is mutually beneficial to you and the HOA.  Please describe your cost structure when you bid.  Any information you provide can help us make the selection.

2023-07-01 Clarifications

  • Trees will only be maintained from the ground up to 10 feet.  This contract does NOT require the entire tree be maintained.
  • CLARIFICATION:   These trees in this alley will be removed and you do not need to maintain them.

Description of Work


Changes / Corrections
as of 2023-06-19

9. License and Bond Requirements

9.1  Contractor is not required to be licensed or bonded, however, if a task requires licensing by state law for any method used, then contractor must be licensed.

9.1.1. Spot insect control is no longer required. Weed control may be accomplished using any common means including timely mowing and weed pulling. If herbicides are used, contractor must be adequately licensed and meet any other state law requirements.

5.  Insect Control

5.1  (changed 2023-06-19)  If Contractor believes that insect control is needed, contractor will advise HOA management.

         5.2  Fire ant pesticide will be applied as mounds appear, per visit.  Removed 2023-06-19


  • Maintain all landscape within HOA standards and City of Schertz ordinance.

  • Trim trees as needed (only up to 10 feet from the ground).

  • Maintain flower beds with drought resistant, native central Texas plants. Replace plants as necessary.

  • Trim all decorative plants.

  • Perform fertilizer work.

  • Spot insect control (example: ants). This requirement has been rescinded per change 2023-06-19.

  • Perform weed control.

  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control.

  • Notify HOA of any irrigation problems if observed.

  • Provide monthly monitoring of all areas. Pro-actively perform work to avoid complaints.

Bidding Process

  • The bidding process shall open on 6/12/2023 at 12:00 AM CST and close on 7/15/2023 at 11:59 PM CST (bid
  • An award contract shall be given no later than 7/19/2023.
  • Contractor will begin contract on 8/1/2023. Start date can be modified.
  • Contractor may re-sumbit their bid at any point up until the close of the bid window.

Factors Affecting Your Selection

The HOA shall make the choice of award based on reliability, quality of work, and cost.  Past history shall be considered. Any other information such as customer reviews, past legal history, complaints, judicial actions,
etc. shall be considered.

Contractor is strongly urged to submit evidence of reliability and quality of work.

Point of Contact

Submission Instructions

Please submit your bid proposlal either:

A)  Electronically using the form at the bottom of this page.

B)  Via email  to  The form is located on the last 2 pages of the FULL TASK DESCRIPTION, which can be downloaded at the top of this page.

Bid Submission Form

You may submit your bid using the form below or by emailing us the form available in the PDF download above.  The same form can be found at the end of the PDF document.

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