New Residents

Welcome to the Mesa Oaks HOA.  

Our goal is to provide you a nuisance free, low cost, freedom loving experience.

HOA To Do’s

  1. Complete the Annual Homeowner Census Form.
  2. Fill out and email / mail the Constitution / Bill of Rights form (must be printed and physically signed, but photos/scan can be submitted)
  3. Complete the Notifications Consent Form.
  4. Fill out Website Membership and Chat Form.
  5. Join our Signal chat:
  6. Pay the twice yearly HOA Assessment (if a bill has been sent to you).  New homeowners will be due the year’s assessment or half-year assessment.
  7. Please read HOA Rules.

Other Things to Do

  • Ensure you have enrolled with a Homestead Exemption to lower your property taxes.
  • Set up home services:
    • Water, sewage, garbage – City of Schertz
    • Electricity – Guadalupe Valley Electric Company (GVEC)
  • Do a USPS change of address form.
  • Read HOA rules:


  • File for a Homestead Exemption.  This will lower your property taxes.
  • If you’re a disabled veteran, you may qualif for additional property tax reductions.  Contact the Guadalupe County Appraisal District.