MesaOaks Chat!

1. Do the Census Form First

The primary homeowner must first accomplish the census form.  This registers your house and owner(s) with the HOA.  Before we can issue any accounts, we have to verify that you live in Mesa Oaks.

Note:  We will verify all HOA residents by:

  • First, verifying the primary homeowner (Census Form).
  • Second, using the Website and Chat Membership Form.


2. Fill Out the Website and Chat Access Form

Please fill this out for anyone in your household wishing to gain access to the private website and Chat.  The Census form must be accomplished first.

3. Install Signal on Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer

Signal can be installed on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.  

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • Linux


Signal can also be simultaneously installed on a desktop computer.  It syncs with your smartphone or tablet.

4. Chat Join Link

After you install Signal, click on this link to make a join request.  It may take up to 72 hrs for us to validate and approve you.

Learn more about Signal

Signal is the best open-source chat program available world wide.  It is run by a non-profit corporation whose mission is privacy and security.  Signal is open-source, meaning that anyone can audit the source code and indeed, security researchers worldwide do.  This is in contrast to platforms like Whatsapp, which is closed-source.  With Whatsapp, you have to trust Facebook, the company that owns Whatsapp.  Facebook is one of the top violators of privacy and surveillance.  Signal does not spy on you, it does not sell your information, nor does it make anything available to anyone.  All communications are encrypted from sender to receiver so that even Signal’s non-profit owners can read your conversations.  Signal also does voice and video calls.

Learn more about signal on their website: